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2019 - 2020 Member of MHA's CMHIC
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Shivani is gearing up for her final year at Brown University, where she studies Cognitive Science with a focus on minority mental health and childhood trauma. She hopes to complete a graduate program in Clinical Psychology and pursue clinical and policy work that addresses the intersection between race and mental health in contexts such as the prison industrial complex and immigrant detention centers. At Brown, Shivani serves as the Chair of Student Wellness on the Undergraduate Council of Students and as the Chapter Co-Coordinator of Project LETS at Brown, a national nonprofit created by and for mentally ill students. She has conducted research on adolescent borderline personality disorder at Butler Hospital and volunteers her time as a Peer Mental Health Advocate on campus. Having mental health experiences that were heavily influenced by her South Asian background, Shivani is dedicated to helping mentally ill young people of color navigate systems that were built to work against them.