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Sponsor the 2020 Annual Conference

Sponsor the Annual Conference

Communicate Leadership In The Field And Show Your Commitment Towards A Mentally Healthier America.

At MHA, we work every day on addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and substance use disorders and promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. At the heart of everything we do is the belief in the strength and resiliency of the individual, communities, the power of peers, and that recovery is possible.

It’s important when working towards recovery of mental illnesses and substance use disorders, we understand the root causes. We know that trauma can greatly impact a person’s mental health - whether it occurs in childhood or as an adult – and the effects of trauma can last for a lifetime. We know that often substance use disorders can also coexist with mental illnesses. We know caregivers and peers can play an integral role in recovery, and we know that if we focus on early identification and care for those who need it, we can change the trajectory of lives.

These issues are exactly what Mental Health America (MHA) will examine at our 2020 Annual Conference: From Resiliency to Recovery, taking place in Washington, DC from September 3-5, 2020 (with a special Pre-Conference Day for Affiliates and invited guests on September 2.).

At MHA’s 2020 Conference:

  • We will examine the individual’s capacity to thrive amid adversity – and how communities are coming together to help address these issues.
  • We’ll talk about the recovery model in mental health care - centered on the belief that individuals with mental health conditions can lead full, rewarding, self-directed lives - and how peer support can be an effective and essential element of recovery-oriented mental health systems.
  • We’ll focus on cognitive, emotional and behavioral effects of childhood trauma, their long lasting impacts into adulthood, and how research shows trauma can cause permanent changes in the structure and chemical activity of a growing brain;
  • We’ll talk about how racism, anti-immigrant bias, anti-LGBTQ prejudice, and other forms of discrimination can impact mental health and well-being;
  • We’ll dive into the principles of trauma-informed care – and how safety, trustworthiness, peer support, collaboration, empowerment, and cultural sensitivity must be incorporated into life-long services and supports for victims of trauma; and
  • We’ll learn about the work that communities are developing and implementing in response to the specific barriers experienced by diverse individuals dealing with mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

Sponsoring Mental Health America (MHA)'s 2020 Annual Conference is your best opportunity to engage with hundreds of MHA affiliates, peers, providers, government officials, media and more from across the country in an intimate and engaging way.

Becoming a sponsor gives you the unique opportunity to:

  • Reach a diverse audience with your message – C-suite executives, policymakers, peers, providers and members of the media all attend the Annual Conference;
  • Communicate with leadership in the health and mental health field;
  • Show your commitment towards a mentally healthier America; and
  • Feel like part of the MHA family for a few days while meeting some great people who share your passion for mental health.
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Sponsorship Types

Event and Items

Premium Sponsorship Opportunities

These sponsorship packages offer the highest level of visibility at the conference.

  • Presenting Sponsor (1 available slot, $100,000) SOLD
  • Diamond Sponsorship ($75,000)
  • Platinum Sponsorship ($50,000)
  • Gold Sponsorship ($25,000)
  • Silver Sponsorship ($10,000)
  • Bronze Sponsorship ($5,000)

Benefits Presenting Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

Recognition on Signage

Signs posted in general areas of the conference, including check-in, the MHA pop-up store, and the networking lounge will recognize sponsors for their support.

Recognition on Website

Sponsor logos will be placed on MHA’s conference website in recognition of their support.

Scrolling recognition at the annual Clifford W. Beers Awards Dinner

The annual Clifford W. Beers Awards Dinner is the most anticipated and highly attended event at the Annual Conference, where multiple awards are distributed. Sponsors will be recognized on in the ballroom on dual screens during the 2-hour awards event.

Free Registrations

Sponsors will receive a number of free registrations in accordance to their sponsorship level. A list of attendees should be provided to MHA staff.
15 12 6 5 4 3

In-app Recognition

Sponsors will be recognized for their support in conference app for the duration of the event. The conference app includes the complete conference schedule, sponsors, speaker profiles, and happenings and will be the main reference tool for attendees.

Bag insert

Sponsors will be allowed to include a non-branded item in the conference registration bags.

Reserved Seating at Meals

Sponsors will be provided preferred seating at meals at request.

Targeted Social Media Promotions

MHA will help promote Sponsor’s presence to attendees on MHA’s social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Messages may promote educational or advocacy initiatives but should not promote specific branded mental health treatments. All messages must be submitted to MHA for review and approval. Please note that MHA has the right to respectfully decline or cancel and return payment for any support, or rescind participation of any specific individual or organization, at any time.
4 messages 3 messages 2 messages 1 message

Push Notification during Event

Sponsor will be allowed one push notification using the conference app direct to attendees’ phones notifying them of events, sessions, networking opportunities, or booth presence during the event. Notifications are subject to MHA approval.

Co-Sponsorship of PreCon Day

Sponsors will be recognized as sponsors of the exclusive pre-conference day on September 2, 2020 reserved for MHA affiliates and invited guests.

Events and Items
Plenary Sponsorships (Limited Slots, $15,000)

MHA’s Annual Conference is packed with plenary events – such as the opening session, the Clifford W. Beers Awards Dinner, and the Media Awards Luncheon. These events feature high profile keynote speakers, such as Patrick Kennedy, Senator Tim Kaine, musician Demi Lovato, gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, and/or recognized major leaders in the mental health field.

During MHA’s conference, there are also opportunities to sponsor specific evening receptions, including the opening reception, the Clifford W. Beers Society Reception, and the General Reception and Awards Ceremony. These events are an opportunity to promote a brand while networking with attendees, MHA staff and prominent speakers and VIPs.

Zen Lounge (Exclusive Opportunity, $10,000) NEW!

We know that the journey to recovery for mental illnesses and substance use disorders can be a long and complicated road, and treatment options often include things like meditation and yoga. We also know in the frenzy of a national conference, sometimes you just need a break! New in 2020 is MHA’s Zen Lounge, a dedicated, private space that will allow for some peace and quiet for conference attendees, as well as scheduled sessions emphasizing mindfulness and relaxation. It is sure to be a popular option for attendees in between sessions!

VIP Speaker Room (Exclusive Opportunity, $10,000)

MHA’s keynote speakers are personally greeted and guided to our VIP green room for some rest and relaxation prior to the event. Special guests, such as constituents and executive directors of MHA’s Affiliates, are invited to meet and greet the guest. Past speakers at MHA’s Annual Conference include Cynthia Germanotta, Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine, Senators Debbie Stabenow, Chris Murphy, and Bill Cassidy; journalist Eugene Robinson, athletes Chamique Holdsclaw and Suzy Favor Hamilton; Supergirl star actor Chris Wood; and musicians Michelle Williams, Neon Trees, and Demi Lovato.

Your brand will be recognized as the exclusive VIP Speaker Room sponsor. Sponsors will be given access to the VIP Speaker Room to welcome keynote speakers. VIP Speaker Room Sponsors receive reserved seating at all meals.

Event App (Exclusive Opportunity, $10,000)

Help MHA be more eco–friendly! In lieu of a traditional paper onsite guide, last year MHA introduced a conference app to make our attendee experience even better. Over 60 percent of attendees downloaded the 2019 conference app and were impressed by its convenience and usability. With added functionality and attendee connect tools – this exclusive opportunity will get your brand in front of every attendee!

Selfie Station (Exclusive Opportunity, $10,000)

Get your name recognized at the most popular spot at the conference - the Selfie Station! Enjoy maximum visibility while attendees wait in line to snap their selfie and get seen by their network when they post on social. Sponsors have opportunity to have their logo on a custom skinned selfie station and on photo templates.

Scholarship Partner ($2,000 each)

Help a person with lived experience come to Washington, DC to attend the 2020 Annual Conference by covering their travel and lodging expenses and a small per diem for incidentals. MHA selects the recipients and administers the scholarships, while recognizing your support.

Promotional Items In Tote Bag (Limited Number Available, $500)

All attendees are provided with a complimentary tote bag that is stuffed with helpful resources, advertisements from MHA supporters, and fun promotional items. The sponsors’ promotional items will be placed into each attendee’s conference tote bag. Items may promote educational or advocacy initiatives but should not promote specific branded mental health treatments.

SOLD OUT:  Events and Items
SOLD: Networking Lounge (Exclusive Opportunity, $15,000)

In recent years, MHA sectioned off prime space near the ballroom and breakout rooms, specifically for a networking lounge so that our attendees, sponsors and speakers had ample opportunity to chat. Our attendees wanted a place to talk with other attendees and create new connections – and it was a hit! 33% of attendees surveyed said they were strongly influenced to come to the Annual Conference by networking opportunities. Attendees made meaningful connections that will blossom into incredible collaborations with their newfound knowledge of mental health topics.

As one of our most successful areas of the conference, you could get exclusive recognition on signage and in the event app as the Networking Lounge Sponsor.

SOLD: Lanyards (Exclusive Opportunity, $5,000)

Each attendee at MHA’s Annual Conference receives a badge at check-in and a lanyard for their name tag. Not only will your brand be recognized for each attendee, it will also be recognized through marketing materials using pictures taken at the conference. Your support will be recognized for years to come! Sponsor’s logo will be co-branded with the MHA logo on all lanyards given to attendees upon checking in.

SOLD: Host A Networking Session (Limited Number Available, $1,500)

Hosted by an MHA staff member and promoted on the app and on-stage, the 30-minute sessions within the popular Networking Lounge give attendees a chance to break the ice without the awkward getting-to-know you banter five minutes before a session begins. Facilitate lasting partnerships through a networking session, share relevant materials and spread your brand message in a casual and fun atmosphere.

Nonprofit In-Kind Sponsorships

MHA understands that not all nonprofits can afford full sponsor rates yet bring a unique and important perspective to the conversation. For a limited number, we will consider an in-kind exchange (details will be determined on a case-by-case basis). Nonprofit partners receive all benefits at the Bronze Premium Level sponsorship and recognition on signage and at the annual Clifford Beers Awards dinner.

Media In-Kind Sponsorships

As part of our mission to address mental health Before Stage 4 (B4Stage4), it is crucial to change the public’s perception of mental health and the common narrative often seen in various media. As a matter of public policy, mental health conditions are the only chronic conditions that we wait until after a Stage 4 crisis – like suicide attempts – to begin addressing. We’re looking for media innovators who want to help us change this frame. This will help us spread the knowledge that our speakers have to the hundreds of thousands of MHA followers and subscribers and to your own media outlets.

As a media sponsor, you will be at the forefront of mental health news, issues, and innovations at MHACONF20 and be a meaningful participant in the effort to end stigma and to bring mental health to the mainstream. Media sponsors are expected to contribute to some or all the following: filming of conference, blogging, speaker interviews, broadcast coverage, and social media coverage. Media sponsorship is a very limited option, and one that MHA will consider on a case-by-case basis.

Custom Opportunities
Custom Opportunities

Custom premium sponsorship opportunities are available for sponsors who want a more targeted, interactive way to get in front of MHA’s audiences and exists outside of the traditional sponsorship packages listed. Please note that these opportunities are limited.

For custom sponsorship opportunities, contact:

Erin Wallace
(703) 797-2588